Novice's Guide To Applying Fast, Triple-Protection To Your Windows Before A Hurricane Hits

If the forecast is calling for a hurricane in your area and you have never been through one before, you may be uncertain how to prepare your garage door windows for the storm. If so, below is a fast way to quickly apply three layers of protection that increase your chances of keeping them intact during a hurricane.

Mark An "X" With Duct Tape On Each Pane

As you approach the center of a window pane, you reach its weakest point because there is no frame to add extra support. During high winds, a huge gust could cause the window to rattle too hard and break at the center.

The first layer of protection counters this threat by using duct tape to hold onto and strengthen the glass. Starting from one corner of the pane, apply the duct tape diagonally until you reach the other corner. Then, repeat with the other upper corner, forming an "X" in the center.

Cover The Windows With Cardboard

After all of the garage door windows have an "X" on them, the next layer of protection is a piece of cardboard. Each piece is cut to fit each window pane exactly. This keeps the wind and debris from striking the window, potentially shattering the glass.

Use a measuring tape to measure the length and width of each window pane inside of the frame. Then, mark and cut out the dimensions on cardboard. Place the cut-out piece over the window pane and use duct tape to secure all sides.

Attach Plywood Over The Entire Window

The final protective layer for your windows is a strong piece of plywood. The plywood not only provides extra protection for the glass, but also for the frame. High winds have the potential to bust through the frames, allowing the driving rains to enter and flood your garage or home.

When selecting a piece of plywood, make sure it completely covers the outside of the frame. If the plywood is too large, measure the window and cut it to fit. Then, use long finishing nails to attach it. Finishing nails are thin and do not damage the door as much as regular-sized nails do.

While the above guide can protect your garage door windows during the current storm, the layers of protection are temporary and have to go up every time a hurricane blows through. You may want to think about installing Bahama hurricane shutters that are strong enough to handle strong winds and rain when closed.