Ways To Hush A Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors can be noisy at times. It is a pretty obnoxious occurrence. They can be squeaky or produce a grinding type of noise. However, there are ways to hush the noise. Here are ways for you to get the silence you want. Go through the entire list to ensure that your door opens effortlessly and quietly.

Step 1: Tighten the Door

You need to begin by ensuring that all the screws and hardware is tight. You will use a deep socket and a ratchet on all of the nuts to ensure they are snug. Make sure that you do not over tighten them.

Step 2: Check the Rollers and Hinges

There are many rollers that have bearings that are unsealed and will break over time. At times the wear can be so serious that the rollers will wobble when the door is being operated. If the rollers are worn, you need to replace them. It is suggested to use nylon rollers because they do not need to be oiled. If the rollers are in decent shape, you can quiet them down by using oil.

Step 3: Check Hinges

Although hinges may not always be the problem, it is still good to check them. Hinges can end up being a source of noise. If they are bent they can also cause damage to the garage door and wear them out faster. Make sure that the hinges are all fastened and are straight. Replace any bent hinges and tighten any loose hinges.

Step 4: Door Chain

Now check the door chain. A door chain that is loose will make loud clacking sounds and will also cause jerky movements with the door. Track drive openers will require the tracks to be lubricated. If you end up having a screw drive opener, then you need to oil the threads.

Step 5: Oiling the Components

Spray the roller bearings, hinges, and the springs with door lubrication. Use the spray for the torsion bar bearings and other pivoting points as well. The spray will form into grease that is not tacky. This is so it does not accumulate dirt and debris. This step needs to be done every six months to ensure that the garage door remains in working condition, and never use any lubricant that is not specifically made for the lubrication of garage doors. Liquids like grease or oil will collect dirt and cause issues with your door.

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