Three Garage Door Maintenance Steps For A Homeowner

You are not truly getting the most out of your garage door unless you focus on preventative care. This door provides a beautiful exterior appearance to your home in addition to giving you great security and functionality, as long as you take care of it in the proper way. When you need to know that your garage door is working at its best, follow the maintenance steps below and use them in order to protect its safety and efficiency. 

#1: Inspect And Swap Out The Rollers

Since your door uses motion and carries a heavy weight on a continuous basis, you'll need to be sure that all moving parts are in order. Starting with the garage door rollers, you'll need to check them for cracks, rust and wear at least 2 times every single year. In order to keep your garage door in the best working condition, you should also get a garage door repair professional to change these rollers once every 7 years. This will protect your door's ability to lift and close freely, without getting jammed, stuck or becoming unbalanced. 

#2: Keep The Door Lubricated Properly

Using a lubricant like WD 40 on your garage door will help it go a long way toward warding off rust and damage through the years. You might notice that your door needs lubrication if it begins to squeak and squeal at any point when you use it. This is a warning sign that you need to spray it down with such a silicone based solution, so that you are able to keep the door moving freely. When you take it upon yourself to maintain the door springs and bearings in this way, it keeps your door safe and prevents it from falling apart due to dry, cracked and rusted components. 

#3: Spring For A Maintenance And Repair Plan

To be sure that your garage door is always acting to its highest standards, you'll need to buy a repair and maintenance plan. These maintenance and service plans will let you keep all components of the door running as they should, so that you don't have to wait until it breaks down to get a repair. A garage door contractor will even balance the door, test your remotes and sensors and inspect the reverse door mechanism, in order to be sure that all parts are in order. 

Follow these three maintenance guidelines to get the most of your garage door. To learn more about garage doors, visit a website like