Tips For Taking Advantage Of The Storage Space In Your Garage

If you have replaced your old garage door with a new one for improving your garage, don't forget to have a close look at the inside of your garage for other ways you can make improvements. You may not be taking advantage of the storage space available in your garage. If you have been thinking about having a yard sale to make more room in your garage, consider these tips for keeping your property and finding ways to store it neatly in your garage.

Look Up For Storing Bigger Items

You might consider the lofty, open area of your garage's ceiling as a sort of attic space, especially when it comes to storing items like holiday decorations and seasonal sports equipment like your skis or fishing rods. Laying ¾ inch plywood over the rafters in your garage can provide the perfect space for storage. You can also hang sheets of plywood from the ceiling using large metal s-hooks and chains. Consider the floor space you will make available by making overhead storage space in your garage.

Making Room On The Walls

For items you use a lot, wall shelves make the perfect way to store them in your garage. Items like tool boxes and cans of paint can be easily stored on wall shelves, taking them out of the floor and making them easy to access when you need them. Metal wall shelves are sold at most home improvement stores and are easy to assemble. You might also consider building wooden shelves for a more traditional look in your garage. Painting your wooden shelves can be a great way to enhance the neat, clean look you are trying to achieve by organizing your garage storage space.

Peg Boards Are Perfect For Garage Walls

If you would like to include a work area in your garage, you can do so with a tall wooden work table and peg boards. You can build a wooden stand using plywood for the top and two by fours for the legs and support. Remember to place your table in an area of your garage that will allow wall space above it for adding a peg board. Use a peg board for hanging your work tools so they will be easily accessible while you are working on a project. Add a shelve or town under table for having even more storage space.

Storing Items You Don't Want To Be Visible

Some of the tools you may have in your garage could be expensive, so making sure you store them in area that is not visible to passersby while you have your garage door open is a good idea. You can build cabinets in a corner of your garage or you can add a few cabinets on the walls for storing items you do not want to be in plain sight.

When upgrading your garage door, taking your upgrades one step further can include cleaning up your garage and making more room to store your property. Organizing your garage can also make it easy to find items like special tools when you need them. Contact a business, such as America's Garage Doors LLC, for more information.