4 Common Garage Door Problems That Need An Urgent Repair

Most homeowners don't realize the important role that their garage door plays until the door no longer works as usual. The garage door is probably one of the most frequently used features in your house. Unfortunately, it wears out and gets damaged over time due to continuous use. A damaged door can easily disrupt your daily routines and compromise your security. However, you can always hire a professional to repair and restore its functionality. Below are some common problems that you need to schedule garage door repairs.

1. Loud Bizarre Noises

Noisy doors present a significant problem, especially if you live in a serene neighborhood. They also indicate that something is amiss and should be repaired before the door stops completely. For example, the noises may be caused by loose bearings, faulty rollers, worn-out hinges, and unlubricated moving parts.

Without adequate experience and skills, you risk making the damage worse or injuring yourself. Therefore, consider scheduling a repair appointment with the experts to fix the problem or replace the defective parts.

2. Slow Response

After years of service from your garage door, you are certainly used to its movement and response. However, you will easily notice a change in response to your commands. For example, when the door opens or closes too quickly or slowly than usual, you should contact a repair technician to fix any problem with the door operating mechanism.

The door openers could be faulty and may have gone out of alignment with the tracks, or your rollers may be worn out. Therefore, schedule a repair service to restore its functionality. In addition, ensure that the door moves smoothly to avoid accidents.

3. Frozen or Stiff Door

Frozen doors are particularly common during the cold seasons. You will notice that it takes more effort, energy, and time to pull up or push down the garage door. When your doors freeze, it's advisable to call the experts to help you fix the problem. Forcing your way through a stiff door can lead to damages such as broken hinges, worn-out motors, or burned-out gears. Avoid tampering with the door when it fails to open on the first attempt until a repair technician inspects and repairs it.

4. Sagging Door

When you look at your garage door, does it look like it's uneven or out of balance? You could pull it halfway to test its balance or lock it completely to see if it masks the entire lining below it. If it doesn't, something must be wrong with the springs. You should consider repairing it to avoid future problems.

If you want to extend the life of your garage door, consider scheduling timely repair services with the experts. Then, watch out for these warning signs to know when to call out for help.