How A Garage Door Repair Professional Can Fix Dents And Scratches On Your Door

If your kids play basketball in the driveway or ride bikes near the garage, some light damage may occur over the years. You might even bump the door with your car or a lawnmower. Aluminum doors are fairly thin and easy to dent. If a section of your door looks ugly due to dents or other damage, you can call a garage door professional for help. They might be able to make repairs rather than replace your door. Here are some garage door repairs they might do.

Pull Out The Dents

A garage door professional can pull dents out of an aluminum garage door the same way an auto technician pulls dents out of a car body. They can use suction cups to pull on the dent until it pops back in place. They might also try using a block and mallet on the back of the dent to gently tap it back in place.

Fill In Gouges

If your garage door has scratches or deep gouges, these can make your door ugly, especially if the scratches are long. The repair professional may start by washing the scratched area so it can be assessed. If the scratch isn't very deep, they may just paint over it. If the scratch is more like a gouge, the garage door repair person can fill the gouge in with filler and then sand the surface of the repairs when the filler dries. Once the surface is smooth and level, they can paint the area with a paint color that matches your door to make the repairs invisible.

Replace A Panel Or Two

If your garage door has a lot of damage that covers most of the panels, a new door may be necessary. If only one or two panels are in bad shape, the garage repair professional can dismantle the door and replace the panels.

An important step is to find an exact color match for the new panels. A garage door service has a large inventory of panels to choose from so the color can be as close as possible. That helps the new panels blend in and not look odd.

Panels can be replaced without having to replace the rest of the door, but since the door has to be taken down to replace sectional panels, the garage door repair person can check the hinges, rollers, and other parts of the door to service them and replace parts that need it.

Repairing dents and scratches gives your garage door a fresh new look that you may enjoy for many more years so you can put off replacing your old door. 

For more info about garage door repair, contact a local company.