Maintenance Tips For Your Overhead Door

An overhead door can be a very efficient way of accessing your garage, and while an overhead door is usually a very reliable device, it is possible for some problems to develop. These issues can be particularly common for those that make mistakes when it comes to caring for the overhead door system. To avoid these issues compromising the performance of the door, you should make sure to use the following tips to avoid making some potentially serious oversights when it comes to caring for your garage door.

Inspect The Overhead Door Panels

The panels of the door may not be something that you pay much attention to, but you should be aware that it is important for you to make visual inspections of these panels on a routine basis. Over time, it is possible for the weatherstripping in the door to start to wear down, and this can cause a dramatic loss in energy efficiency. When performing a visual inspection, you should look for signs of the weatherstripping being misaligned or suffering physical wear. This wear can often take the form of cracks, warping or a general brittleness of the stripping. If you notice these problems with your overhead door, you should have a professional come and replace the weatherstripping.

Lubricate The Door Rollers

Overhead doors are often extremely heavy, and this can cause the components that are responsible for lifting and lowering the door to be under tremendous stress. To prevent this stress from generating damaging friction, it is critical for you to keep the door lubricated. While you may know the importance of lubricating the motor, you might overlook the rollers. If you notice the door making an unpleasant grinding sound, you may want to add more lubrication to the rollers. When the lubrication on this part of the overhead door breaks down, the metal in the roller may scrape across the support beam, which will generate the unpleasant sounds and cause damage to the door. The type and amount of lubrication your overhead door will need can vary from one model door to another; you must consult your owner's manual to ensure you are using the correct lubricant.

Caring for an overhead door might be a task that you have limited experience doing, and this might cause you to make mistakes or oversights that can have damaging results. To avoid making these oversights, you should consider these two tips when devising a maintenance schedule for your garage door. By including these items in a checklist, you can make sure that you will not forget them. Contact a company like Overhead Door of NKY for more information.