Repairing Small Cracks Or Holes In A Wooden Garage Door

If you have a wood garage door that has a few areas with small holes or cracks in it, you will want to make repairs fairly quickly to avoid excessive damage such as wood rot or mildew from settling in the crevices. Making repairs to a wooden garage door is not that difficult with the proper tools. Here are some general instructions to use in making repairs to a wooden garage door.

Novice's Guide To Applying Fast, Triple-Protection To Your Windows Before A Hurricane Hits

If the forecast is calling for a hurricane in your area and you have never been through one before, you may be uncertain how to prepare your garage door windows for the storm. If so, below is a fast way to quickly apply three layers of protection that increase your chances of keeping them intact during a hurricane. Mark An "X" With Duct Tape On Each Pane As you approach the center of a window pane, you reach its weakest point because there is no frame to add extra support.

Repurpose An Old Garage Door With These Do-It-Yourself Projects

Installing a new garage door is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Rather than send your old garage door to a landfill or recycling center, consider repurposing it for other household uses. Here are a few do-it-yourself projects that can infuse new life into your old garage door. Easy Garden or Compost Frame One easy project is to create a frame for a raised garden or compost bin.

3 Easy Ways Secure Your Garage And Garage Door

When it comes to crime, everyone is vulnerable. If you are working to protect your home from burglars, don't forget about your garage. There are several ways criminals can gain access to your home through your garage. Knowing these weak points and how to fortify them will further protect your home from being a criminal's next target. Below are 3 easy ways you can secure your garage and garage door from thieves.

Designing The Ideal Garage For Your New House

You have choices when it comes to the garage in your new home, so don't leave the details to a default design. The type of doors, opener and finishing work you choose will affect how much you enjoy that part of your new home. Here are some design considerations to make sure you get the most out of the garage space in your home. Door Options If you are building a two-car garage, you can have a single garage door span both bays or a single door for each side.